Memories: A Moonless Night
It was a dark summer night quite a few years ago. Ellie was lying under the huge mulberry tree in our garden. As usually, we were all on our veranda discussing lively. Suddenly, we saw Ellie jumping up and running after something we thought that it was a cat.
Ellie ran up and down in front of us several times barking and making a lot of noise. We called out on her,''Ellie, Ellie, stop, come back! Ellie, back!''. She wouldn't listen! And then we realised that what Ellie was running after was a huge rat and not a cat! It goes without saying that then we started loading her, ''Well done Ellie! Get it Ellie!''.
At that point, all the neighbours who had realised what was happening, came out on their balconies with torches and lights trying to help her catch the rat.''Bravo Ellie! Catch it Ellie! Here Ellie! There Ellie!'', everyone was shouting trying to spot the rat with their torches. It was all so funny that so many people proved to be Ellie's fans! Of course Ellie caught the rat, as anyone would expect. She was fast, ELLIE_2.jpgstrong, very clever and very loyal to all of us. She was the best dog anyone could ever have. That's why we have never forgotten her, neither will we ever forget her. She was part of our lives.
But as nona has always told us, Ellie is in Taygetos, on holiday! High up, near the sky, next to the stars! Some day she will come back, when she misses us.

I think she has missed us and is back! Only that now she likes being called Liza!

Suddenly..........a rabbit!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, a woman visited my mum at worrabbit.jpgk and she gave her a cute baby rabbit instead of paying her!
Mum was really excited about the rabbit's big feet. She quickly phoned dad to take it home and dad was excited as well!

I thought that it would be a boring, usual day, but, when I saw the rabbit, I understood that the day would be GREAT!!!!!
However, I believe that my life will be really cool for some years and I feel very happy about it!!!!

My trip to London


This summer I'm travelling to London with my parents and I'm really excited about it because I'm sure it will be COOL!!!!!!!
We don't know where we will stay yet, we will sure stay at a hotel!

We will get on the London Eye and visit some museums. We'll visit more places if we have the time!
However, I'm looking forward to it because we're going to have a really GREAT time there!


A Summer Afternoon
On summer afternoons, we usually go to the beach or watch TV, but one day we did something different.
We had fun in our garden drawing beautiful pictures and listening to one of Raffaela Carra's songs.
Watch this video!!!

Se lui ti porta su un letto vuoto
il vuoto daglielo indietro a lui
fagli verdere che non e' un gioco
fagli capire quello che vuoi
Ah ha ha a far l'amore comincia tu
Ah ha ha a far l'amore comincia tu
E se si attaca col sentimento
portalo in fondo ad un cielo blu
le sue paure di quel momento
le fai scoppaire soltanto tu
Scoppia , scoppia mi sco
Scoppia , scoppia mi scoppia il cuor'
Scoppia , scoppia mi sco
Scoppia , scoppia mi scoppia il cuor'
Liebe liebe liebe lei e' un disastro se te ne vai
Scoppia , scoppia mi sco
Scoppia , scoppia mi scoppia il cour'